Sunday, February 24, 2008

God’s Most Precious Gift

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! II Cor 9:15

The story is told of a young man who fell in love with a young women. She was blind, but that didn’t bother him at all. As time passed and his love for her grew, he began to ask her to marry him.

She kept putting him off without ever really giving him a reason. Not being able to take it any longer, he pressed her for a reason. “Why won’t you marry me? You know that I love you. I promise always to love you.”

Seeing that he was not going to take “no” for an answer she told him, “As you know I am blind. I have determined not to marry anyone until I can see.” The young man went away feeling discouraged.

One day the young lady received a call from her doctor. She had been waiting for months for a compatible donor. The doctor called her telling her that such a donor had been found and they needed to schedule the transplant.

The day for the operation came. Everything went as planned and the follow-up therapy and visits went better than expected. She could see !

A few weeks after returning home, she received a visitor. It was this young man. As she greeted him at the door, invited him in, and they began to talk, he said, “I heard that you had received your sight. I came to ask you to marry me. You said that you could not marry anyone until you could see. Will you marry me now?”

The young woman was taken back by the proposal. As she looked at the man all she could think to say was, “You’re blind! I know what that’s like. I could never marry a blind man.” The young man turned and walked away broken-hearted.

A few weeks went by and she received a phone call from him. He asked her how she was doing in her continued recovery.

She told him that things were fine, and that she was continuing to adjust to being able to see. They continued to talk for a few more moments and then they hung up.

The next week she received a card from this man. As she opened it this is what she read, “Take good care of your eyes. Before they were yours they were mine.”
He had given her the most precious gift that he had out of his love for her, he gave her what she needed.

Isn’t that what God did for us? We were blind, lost in sin and He gave us Jesus, His most precious gift.

If you know Jesus personally give him away to someone, so their eyes might be opened. They need to see what you see. They need to know what you know. Don’t hide God’s gift, give Him away!